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Simbed with Stable Guard



Simbed with Stable Guard is available to try now!

  • Destroys bacteria, fungi and spores.

  • Contains a bittering agent to prevent animals from eating the bedding.

  • Eliminates odours.

If you would like to try Simbed with Stable Guard please let us know. We are looking forward to hearing how much you like it!


I am worried my horse will eat Simbed, will this help?

Yes, Stable Guard contains a bittering agent that makes the bedding taste awful (trust us, it does).

Does Stable Guard add any other colours or smells to the bedding?

No, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between this and the original Simbed (unless you taste it).

It destroys bacteria, fungi and spores, why is this helpful?

These can be the cause of some respiratory problems and by adding Stable Guard during the manufacturing process you can be sure that the bale you receive is a benefit to your horse’s health.

What is Stable Guard?

Stable Guard is a liquid disinfectant using Advanced Chlorine Dioxide technology. Please see the Trus-Steed website for more details.