Caus House Farm, Ashgate Road, Old Brampton, Chesterfield, S42 7JE

About Simbed

What is it?

Simbed is 100% milled Oilseed Rape straw.


A vital feature of bedding is absorbency. Simbed is excellent at soaking up moisture in your horse’s stable, unlike normal straw. The milling process breaks open the straw to reveal it’s absorbent core.

As Simbed gets wet it clumps together and sinks to the bottom of the bed, making it easy to remove from your horse’s stable.

Double Dust-Extracted

Horses and the people who care for them can suffer from dust allergies, so we remove virtually all the dust to eliminate this problem.

After it is milled we send the straw through two dust extractors. The first one removes the smallest pieces of straw and the second takes out all the fine particles of dust.

We are not afraid to take out as much dust as possible from our bedding as we use this dust to make our straw briquettes.



Simbed is made only from oilseed rape straw which is a plant product that rots down well. Customers who have started using Simbed after using shavings have found that the size of their muckheap has halved!

The Bales

The bales are 20kg each. They are baled in low-slip bags which are heat sealed to keep the moisture out.

Environmentally Friendly

The oilseed rape straw we use for our bedding is grown by farmers every year making it a renewable, sustainable product. Often farmers have no use for the straw and as a result they chop it up and put it back on the land, so we make use of this straw and turn it into great horse bedding. We grow and bale some of the straw ourselves so that we can keep the transport of the straw to a minimum.

There is no waste in the making of Simbed, even the dust is put to good use in making the briquettes, a sustainable biomass heat source. The bags we use are also recyclable.


You can buy our Simbed original, which has nothing added to the milled Oilseed Rape straw. We also provide two other popular options, one with the fragrant Eucalyptus oil and one with the bitter tasting Stable Guard.