Caus House Farm, Ashgate Road, Old Brampton, Chesterfield, S42 7JE

Using Simbed

Our customers use Simbed in the way that suits them and their horse the best. The two main ways that Simbed is used are a deep bed or a thin bed on rubber matting.

Starting with Simbed

You will need to start with between 2 to 6 bales of Simbed depending on the depth you require. Spread the straw out evenly over the floor of a clean and dry stable and create banks around the walls.

Maintaining the bed

You will need to remove droppings from the stable daily and the wet patches on a weekly basis. You will find the wet easy to remove with Simbed as the bedding ‘clumps’ together when it gets wet. The bed will then need to be replenished with around one bale per week.


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