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Straw Briquettes

Straw briquettes logoWhat are Straw Briquettes?

They are a sustainable, carbon neutral, biomass heat source.

Perfect for burning on wood-burning stoves, straw-burning boilers, multi fuel stoves, open fires and chimeneas.

They can be used as an alternative to, or alongside, wood, coal or other kinds of briquettes.


How much do our Straw Briquettes cost?

£3 per 20kg bag (that is a potato sack full)

What are the benefits of using our Straw Briquettes?

Our briquettes give out a lot of heat and burn for a long time. They come in a paper bag which you can put on your fire too so there is no waste! And of course at only £3 they are excellent value, a lot cheaper than other fuels.

How do I use the Briquettes?

Briquettes light very easily and so very little kindling is needed. You can use them on their own or alongside other fuels. Straw briquettes burn best with a good amount of draft.


Where should Briquettes be stored?

Briquettes must be kept somewhere dry.

How are our Briquettes made?

Straw briquettes are a by-product of Simbed Horse Bedding.

We take the small particles of straw that we remove from the bedding and put them through our briquetting press. No additives are used to hold them together, just the high pressure of the briquetting press.