Caus House Farm, Ashgate Road, Old Brampton, Chesterfield, S42 7JE


P1150650We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who help to make our bedding so popular with wonderful reviews and by telling others about Simbed. We appreciate all your support and love to hear what you think of Simbed.

Ingrid Marsh – “Thank you for your delivery yesterday. Was a pleasure to muck out this morning.  First weekend I haven’t had to go to a feed merchant for bedding…saving time and money!”

Jo Ford –“ Simbed is the best bedding we’ve ever used for our horses, sheep and chickens. We’ve tried just about everything else and there’s nothing to beat it!Dec 2016

Phrin Vernon – “Love this stuff! Put 5 bales down in a huge stable shared at night by a 14hh messy mare and a shetland one and a half weeks ago, skipped out daily, only today have I had to put another bale down, and to be honest I could probably have waited until the weekend! I get it from Ladybooth Equestrian & Country, my local tack shop. Great value, and excellent quality – Highly recommended!” Dec 2016

Sophie Ostler Equine – “A barn full of Simbed on a rainy day.. horse heaven” Nov 2016

Kate Colquitt – “Excellent product and lovely people. Just started to use Simbed a week ago for my horse and in my opinion it is a lot less dusty and a far better product that the brands I had been using. Would recommend to anyone!”
Elspeth Day – “The best bedding in the world!”
Anne Jones – “Superb quality hay and straw today, and a great friendly team too!
Highly recommended, many thanks!”
Naomi DouglasCan I just let you know I absolutely love this new bedding for my pony’s! It takes me half time to muck out and doesn’t smell, I’m recommending you to everyone. Thanks so much and will see you soon x”
Stephanie Cain – “It really is great stuff
Was running late tonight and could not believe how quick it was to muck out my horses, with straw it’s usually an hour per stable, in simbed I just picked the poo and off I went, both stables done working 20 minutes
Fantastic product”

Amanda Clayton – “My friend has recently been up to collect some to give it a try. I always use it now and im really pleased with the bedding and always a nice welcome and smile from the owners when you go fetch some.”


Stephanie Cain – “Changed my very dirty horses onto simbed about a week ago and have to say it’s the best thing I have ever done.
Easy, warm, absorbent, dust free and has halved my mucking out time.
Would not use anything else now.

Thanks for a wonderful product”

Nina Hinder – “Brilliant product and the people are brilliant too, very helpful and friendly.”


Sue Gamble – “We are ordering again this year… Its fantastic easy to muck out and a bag easily lasts a week.”


Charlotte Excell-Outram – “Brilliant bedding! As supplied to High peak pony club summer camp”


Rosemary Myers – “it is simply brilliant & extremely eco friendly & ecomonic to use my mare loves it & so do I as she stays so clean (she is a grey) xx”


Nicki Atkinson – “I dont know what would do without it .. horse with dust allergy and race against clock in winter to muck out. Wee in neat clump and droppings sit on top.. all done in 10 mins and horse not caughing..couldnt get any better!”


Margi Senior – “Wonderful product”


Jayne Amiss – “I use this for my guinea pigs brilliant wouldnt use anything else”


Amanda Clayton – “Collected simbed bedding and briquettes the others day. Was made very welcome and the products im very impressed with. Thankyou. And I will definitely be having more.”


Margi Senior – “We are converted – good product at a good price and keeping local farmers in work!”


Glenice Hart – “It’s the best”


Sally Williams – “Collected some bales of bedding last week and used them this weekend. Very impressed, normally use other brands of the same but yours is better value and absolutely dust free too – will be back for some more. Thanks”


Donna Rose – “This is excellent bedding ..This is the second year Iv stabled my stallions on it and its the best stuff iv used so far, and the price makes it very competitive.”


Ingrid Currie – “Very very pleased with it, will defo be ordering more :)”


Joy Harrison-Roycroft – “Brilliant stuff. my horses love it”


Rebekah Radford  – “Can’t recommend this bedding enough!”


Dorothy Cooke – “I’ve been on this a week now its brill highly recommend it 🙂


Rosemary Myers – “just invested in 20 bales on the recommendation of my vet!! must be the most dust free bedding on the market!!!”


Susi Atherton – “Collected 10 bales on Saturday. So helpful and friendly up at Caus Farm!!! I’ve got to say that I’m so impressed!! 2 stables bedded down and banked up using 2 bales in each!!! I’ve not yet had to throw any away when mucking out. So clean, fresh and ultra absorbing, not to mention cost effective!! I will never, ever buy traditional (expensive) shavings again, simbed all the way now for our horses!! Thanks guys you now have a converted, permanent customer :-)”


Charlotte Outram – “Brilliant bedding at a very reasonable cost. We use it all year round for show horses/ponies and hunters. They don’t eat the Simbed and it absorbs very well.”


Julia Howe –  “First class bedding. Economical, comfortable, easy to handle/store etc.,environmentally friendly and local to boot! It does not get better than that! Excellent for use with horses with foot problems. We have five currently bedded on it from a downright filthy beast to an elderly lady with poorly feet and it works well for all of them.”


Julia Howe – “Already use this great bedding and were struggling a bit with finding good quality hay. Bought some of Simbed’s to try – 3 horses, 14 small bales in a week…… something tells me that it is good stuff!! Back for more today and methinks rationing is called for. Thankyou team Simbed, always obliging, helpful and consistently good quality. All we need now is a woodburner!”


Kim Downs – “Fab bedding can really recommend it!! I have all mine bedded on it, fab for my old girl with COPD and even works for the chickens xxx very absorbent and economical x”


Lesley Kimmins – “Just wanted to say a big thank you for my delivery of 45 bales of your Simbed the other day. Really love it! After 30 years of trying all different types of bedding I think Simbed is definitely the best and I wouldn’t go back to using anything else, the price helps a lot too!”